Warning: Pick Up Lines Don’t Work And You Need To Know That!!!

Pickup Lines Dont Work“I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran into that wall over there. So I am going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.”

Have you ever heard that line before or one similar? There are so many variations of pick-up lines out there today, that at some point or another you have been amazed by them.

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Women have a hard enough time being on the dating scene and for some reason their responses have changed.

You just aren’t getting what you expected anymore with ease. So, what’s the deal with pickup lines these days and why don’t they seem to work for you?

Why PickUp Lines Have Issues

The further our generations go, the more advanced our collective environment becomes. Essentially, women are much more powerful than what they used to be. This can make going to the bar a harder process than it was before. If you have tried a line and it didn’t work on a young woman, there are a multitude of reasons why. The newfound strength of women is one of the many reasons.

While a good sense of humor is imperative to a relationship, it isn’t what women first look for in a man. They want to see a sense of responsibility and not an oversized ego. When you use a pick-up line, there are two things that run through the woman’s mind: are you that egotistical and are you drunk? Obviously, that is not the impression you want to give off, because it isn’t going to do anything for you.

Overall Effectiveness

If you are lucky enough to have a pick-up line work, then you can most likely consider that woman to be somewhat inebriated. Now, we’re not saying that woman are going to blow you off if they aren’t inebriated. But, there is a big difference between being effective with your efforts and just getting to the nights end.

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Pickup lines used to be much more effective with women, especially from the younger crowd. Mostly because they thought it was cute or funny in some manner. Unfortunately, there has been a stigma attached with pick up lines these days. This stigma relates to the women being ‘easy’ if they accept on the premise of this line. In today’s society, women strive to not be ‘easy’ and much prefer to play hard to get.  If you still believe that they work, feel free to visit PickupLinesGalore.com in order to get some inspiration.

This does make the scenes much harder to get around. Because now, instead of showing your cute and cuddly side, you have to focus on what the woman really wants. As every man has ever said, women are confusing. Just as you will eventually be looking for a specific type of person, they are also looking for a potential fit for life. And those match-ups are hard to make.

Here is funny video on the effectiveness of these made up lines:

Another reason that the effectiveness of pickup lines have been lowered over the years. Women have started looking for their soul mates in life, much sooner than they used to. Typically, a woman used to wait and have fun during their early twenties, which allowed pick up lines to work better. Now, a great number of the female society is starting as early as 20 to find someone to help them through life. This means, they want a responsible and reliable man, more than they want a funny guy.

Some Proper Dating Techniques

You may have met this woman in a bar or club, but your next step is going to have the biggest effect on what that lady thinks. There are many techniques and tricks to maneuvering around this new dating realm. One valuable technique is the inevitable romance aspect. Every women from the time they were a little girl, has always had that ‘prince’ picture in their head.

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They want someone that is going to make them feel special, not just go after them for a night in bed. So, when ending the night, let her lead or give a small kiss and exchange numbers for another date.

When achieving that next date, one that isn’t filled with random people bumping into you, you need to be prepared. Asking questions to find out about her life, is no longer going to cut it. They still want you to ask, but they also want to hear your opinions and where you’re going.

Another good trick: leave that cell phone and PDA in the car. If you must have it on you, then don’t answer it in front of her. Excuse yourself to the men’s room and take care of it there. During these dates, women are going to be looking to make sure that the attention is on them. Any form of rudeness, would be a strike against you. That includes not using proper table manners while eating.

Your pick of dining will also be an important choice to make. Of course, you have to find out what type of food she likes but you also need to scope out the environment of a selected restaurant. A quite place will be essential that way you can easily carry a conversation with your person of interest. Plus, when being seated it is good to ask to be away from the bar. A nice quite table of two will be much better than dealing with the possible rowdiness around the bar.

As you can tell, a lot of etiquette goes into dating these days. It’s not because women think they are better than others, it’s simply because they believe they deserve better than what they were getting before. Certainly don’t count yourself out because you might not have the best skills when it comes to being a gentleman. There are programs and other informational pieces that can help you achieve everything you are searching for.

It’s a shame that the cute lines don’t have as much effectiveness these days, but it’s just another change with time. That doesn’t mean your chances are worse, it just means that you may have to work a little harder next time. But, at least you now can understand why those pick-up lines aren’t as justified as they used to be.

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  • Michelle

    Pick up line that has worked on me.. I married him. ” Hey, that’s a really nice dress! It would look really great crumpled up in a ball beside my bed.” At first I thought he was a douche bag, but he got to me. I just love cheese!

  • TOD

    Lol pick up lines are for losers. Just talk normally. Nothing is as odd as a person trying to say some geeky pick up line they just thought of or heard. I got a friend that is notorious for this and it is hysterical he gets looks like get lost loser. Sometimes women play with him for a minute to see what other stupid things he is going to say. I am going to point him to this post.