The Famous PUA Josh Pellicer Exposed In HERE

Joshua PellicerAs a single guy you may have not had much success when it comes to dating. You might have read a couple of courses on how to improve your seduction techniques and be familiar with some of the authors of these books and videos.

If you have not heard of Joshua Pellicer, it is about time that you did. He is the author of the extremely popular attraction program “Tao of Badass”. This course is aimed at guys who are in need of help to attract women and easily get dates.

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It is hard to admit that your pickup techniques may have a lot to be desired. While women generally do not need much help in this department there are lots of self-help books available for them; but not so many useful materials for guys.

He noted this gap in the market and has filled it by sharing his extensive experimentation, the bad along with the good, to help men achieve the results they want when going out to meet women.

What Was His Early Life Like??

love_quotesHe had humble beginnings. He was born in 1982 and raised in a trailer park in Florida. His first job was a gas station attendant which he held a number of years.

This famous PUA is the first to concede that during his teens and early 20s he failed miserably at the dating game.

However he was not content to accept this, and decided that he was prepared to go to any length until he was able to achieve the results he desperately wanted. He knew he had to make some serious modifications in the way the thought about women and approach them if he was to have any success.

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Although money was tight, he purchased a number of courses and spent many hours every day immersed in websites where seduction techniques and tips were shared. However, although he practiced what he learned to the letter, he did not find his success rate improved much. It was at this point he realized that he would have two changes course of action and experiment at every possible moment, even if it meant getting turned down and making a fool of himself.

Because his eye was so set on the prize and his motivation was huge, he found that within time he had a surefire dating system that worked. Eventually the guys from his neighborhood we asking how he always managed to get the hottest girls, and he realized that rather than teaching each guy individually which is very time-consuming, it would be better to put everything he knew into a course.

He Is Sharing Awesome Tips In Here

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When the course was produced, his name began to become well-known, and hewas asked to make appearances on several top TV shows as well as giving interviews for radio and newspapers. His popularity grew because he was not scared to say what many guys were thinking, but were too shy to talk about. He was showing that even underdogs with no self-confidence at all, could transform into a player in the love game and have huge success with women.

What Is Behind Mr. Pellicer’s Dating System???

The System is not just a dating book – it is an entire system that when followed correctly, will actually change your life as far as relationships are concerned. The system reveals both the good and bad things men do when trying to secure a date. Men typically follow patterns and some of these can completely eliminate your chances of being successful with women although you are completely unaware that you are continuously sabotaging your chances.

Further stuff from him:

The Tao System does not only teach you how to secure a date within just minutes of meeting a new girl, it also teaches how to date multiple women at once without lying or cheating. Needless to say in the eyes of many guys, Joshua is a superhero who has managed to change the meeting landscape with his new and innovative system.

  • Jeff

    Thanks for your site. there is a lot of good advice here. I need all the help I can get when it comes to relationships.

    • Jeff, thanks a lot for your words!!! I hope you are going to like it in here!!!

  • Erica Holloway

    ‘it also teaches how to date multiple women at once without lying or cheating’. I’d sure like to know how this is humanly possible, and if it was disclosed , what kind of women would accept such an arrangement ?

    • April Madden

      I’m with you on this one, Erica! Lol. I guess to be honest I’d be ok with some guys having multiple girlfriends as long as I wasn’t being cheated on or lied to… but I would NOT sleep with the guy. I think that’s gross. Maybe other women would though. It all depends on the type of woman that you’re into I guess. Anyway this is great info for men who don’t know what they’re doing. And also, I really hope more men read this and stop lying to and cheating on their girlfriends. If you want multiple women, you need to be upfront about it in my opinion. 🙂

    • Celeron Guy

      As a male reader, I just wanted to add my input lol. Now, I am not in any way a sleezeball or perv or anything. I am just tired of wasting my time and getting my heart broken. I think dating multiple women without lying is a great solution. Women will be willing to fight for me… and the one who comes out in the end is the one who stuck by my side through thick and thin. She would be my best friend too if I could be totally open with her about everything. I totally see his side on this.

      • Fran

        Celeron Guy: but why should your best friend have to fight for you and compete with other women for you, compete for your attention? This sounds like a competition.

        If she’s the one you truly want, then want her and only her as she wants you and only you (unless she too is seeing other people, of course). She’s your best friend for a reason, no? Or are you not hers?

        To me, though you certainly don’t come across as a perv or sleazy, it sounds like you want your ego stroked by having multiple women fighting over you, including your best friend. Why put her through that? Also, what are YOU giving her – what are you bringing to the table? Feels one-sided to me.

        If you’re gonna see multiple women, do that, but don’t drag ‘the one’ through it while you’re there having your fun and she’s going through ‘thick and thin’. Sounds like you want to have your cake and eat it.

    • kim johnson

      Yeah right! I think that guys who can’t be true to one woman have commitment problem. I’ve run into a few serial daters in my life. No thanks! Not for me!

      • Kim, I agree everybody has his own view on dating.

  • Cat

    Erica, yeah, I read that too and cocked a slight brow. I wouldn’t personally date someone who was seeing other women, but you know, if the people in the set-up are cool with it, then good luck to them. As long as everyone’s on the same page.

    • Cat, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!!!

  • Yaning

    Good on Joshua for the journey he made. He worked on himself, stretched his comfort zone, turned things around for himself. That’s admirable. Also inspiring, because it’s a lesson in changing the things we want to change, and believing that we can.

    • Hey Yaning, dont forget to check out his products called The Tao Of Badass. Its really AWESOME!!!

  • Yeah, I’ll agree that so many men do NOT know how to approach women. They come off really sleazy and creepy most of the time. I hope more men come across your secrets and learn from them!

  • Patty W

    Kudos to you Joshua! Sounds like you’re one of those people who doesn’t let anything set you back. I really appreciate people who take things into their own hands and who believe that life is what you make it. Great article bud :o)

  • joseph prescott

    Sup man, I learned a lot from your site here today so far. Just wanted to tell you keep up the great work. This really is the best relationship site I’ve ever been to so ur definitely reaching ur goal. Keep at it man.

    • Wow Joseph!!! So glad to read your thoughts!!!

  • rich

    Dating more than one woman at a time is ok I guess if your are just out to have a good time and not want to get into a committed relationship. I’ve tried it but wasn’t to crazy about it. I don’t feel its fair to be pitting one woman against another. I guess I’m just a one woman man.

    • Rich, I agree, there are many men that preffer one woman, and many that love to date multiple!!!

      Thanks for your comment!!!

  • Mike W

    Thanks for the site Man. Can’t get enough info on how to score with the ladies. I’m still looking for MS. Right but hoping this info makes that happen.

    • Mike, I hope you will find here stuff you are looking for and that will improve your life!!!

  • efpierce

    I think this is a really helpful book. I see a lot of women complain about the methods, but it’s not because guys are dogs, we just want the same thing women want but we go about it in a different way. Our primal urges tell us to find many women, while the urge is the polar opposite for women, they want to find one and settle down. This causes a lot of strife in a relationship as women look for ways to start settling down right away and this will often turn men away.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us efpierce.

    • SUPRA luca

      No, a lot of women also want lots of guys, and a lot of guys also
      want just to find one and settle down. You are talking about your social
      conditioning there (probably you’re American).It’s already
      proved women want even more sexual variety than men… go research about
      this. I’m talking about natural urges, not social conditioning. Even in
      nature, they always choose the stronger or most attractive one to
      coppulate with FIRST, then turn around and accept a lot of other males
      after the winner had it. That’s why ancient societies always castrated
      women sexually, they wanted to control their wild urges (not fair).

  • matt n.

    What an interesting concept! I am ordering this book right away, I think I can handle three girlfriends at the same time! 🙂

    • Man, I know his program will help you attract more ladies!!!

  • sarah

    You are a brave man Josh, and to post your story here is even more brave. I think you should be complimented on your efforts and for sharing your tips with the rest of the world.

    • Yup, it takes guts to tell the whole world about your failures!!!

  • val yenko

    Those videos are awesome! Keep post like this one coming, they are going to help a lot of us out! Joshua Pellicer is awesome!!!

    • Val, I am glad you find these videos great and that they help!!!

  • Chris Romans

    I like the idea of the system because in some ways, it sounds almost like watching a documentary on this guy Josh Pellicer. He has a story a lot of us guys can relate to. He has a smaller physique (though is reasonably attractive), and is something I can relate to as I have been fairly skinny all my life. I am not the epitome of men when it comes to physical appearance, but I am reasonably attractive, and consistently pushing myself forward through exercise and weight lifting to gain weight. I feel like my confidence took a nosedive as I started to get into the dating game while being a fairly small guy when compared to the bigger athletes in school. But, fortunately I’ve tried to highlight a lot of positives about myself, like my empathetic nature, which seems to go well with the ladies. Still, I have a lot to learn. Trying to find the middle ground between being the “nice, quiet, and skinny guy” and a more hardened “manly man” is tough, but it’s what a guide like this would certainly help me with. Will definitely check it out! Thanks for the info on this guy!

  • Alvin

    Dating multiple people at one time has a lot of risk. Even if you give them the knowledge of that is what your doing. It does open your chances up of finding someone but the majority of women I know, would never go for this so I am interested in how you would smooth this over with them.

  • Riley

    I’ll be checking his work out as soon as possible. I’m not much of a ladies man and I have had many failed attempts at getting girls. I have dated a few, but they didn’t last long. I guess you could say I’m awkward around women, but I’ve looked everywhere for dating tips and I hope Josh Pellicer can be of help to me.

  • Mick

    It’s very tough for me to talk to girls, and when I do it’s usually me just saying hello and then I feel pressure come on. It’s easier in school to talk to girls, because of group work and the new environment etc. But at a bar or somewhere else It’s really hard for me.

  • Barry

    Hi there. I kind of have social anxiety and getting women is hard. I notice it’s easier if I don’t worry about what people think, but it’s a lot harder when I’m in front of a girl I really like. I have hopes this man’s book can help me and I’ll certainly check it out.

    I’m glad there’s people out there trying to help us out. Thanks!

  • Howard S.

    I’ll admit I’m a bit skeptical, but I’m skeptical about almost everything. I’m no champ when it comes to conversing with women and getting a girl. I will look into this guy’s book for inspiration, maybe I can stop being such a wimp and actually get the girl of my dreams. 😉

  • Trevor

    Women are so hard to please. I always see women as the ones who want the bad boy, the one who always gets the girl it seems. I hate that. I will try anything once to make that a false statement, but each girl I’ve tried asking out have always ended up with total tools, hopefully I can get a girl being a nice guy. We’ll see. It’s worth a shot.

    Have a good one and keep posting these interesting articles. 🙂

    • Andrew

      Oh dude I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve asked so many girls out since attending college just two years ago and nothing really much has come from it. I went on a couple dates, but that was it. Nothing ever went further than that. Josh brings up a lot of awesome tips so I suggest just hearing what the guy says. The worst we can do is waste a few hours reading tips and watching videos.

    • Joana

      The “bad guy” is for girls that just want to have fun, good sex and nothing else serious. Of course, some are socially conditioned to try and change the guy to be a nice guy (boyfriend material) after some time, bad decision! The same goes for the bad girls (“the easy ones”) and guys always wanting to have fun with them, but never make them their girlfriends. The logic is the same! And some guys also try to change them into nice girls… no, it won’t happen!
      I think, for a nice guy, that you should focus on the girls you have around you in your daily routine. Most people out in the clubs just want easy and disposable fun. Focus on them, just go for the looks that you can also give back (never expect a too pretty woman to like you if you are less than too handsome) and remember you have to love, first of all, their PERSONALITY. They have to want the same in a relationship and really want to be in a relationship in the first place.

      I hope you can find someone soon!

      • Caleb

        If you’re the kind of girl that only likes partying chances are you will attract this type of men and vice versa. This is one of the best comments I’ve read to this! The moment you notice someone that mirrors you, ask her out ASAP! Don’t sleep on it, don’t be too afraid, if it’s meant to be, it will be!

  • Just another bro

    I am for sure following whatever this guy says from now on. I used some of the techniques he mentioned and I was able to get a girl to go on a date with me this Friday. It’s hard I’ll admit that, women are hard to read and I’ve had my fair share of bad luck reading them. I just wish to thank this guy for all of his help.

  • Ethan

    I’ve followed this guy on twitter a while back, not knowing who he was at first, but then when I found out about what he does, I got more intrigued. I read everything he wrote, every video he made and so far I’m happy with the outcome. I asked a girl out and brought her on a date, we’re now dating. I’m not in it to pick up girls, not anymore at least since I now have a girlfriend. It feels so good. 🙂

  • Butch

    My dating life has struggled a lot over the years. I’ve only been with a couple women in my whole life and I’m 32 years old. There’s this really beautiful woman that works at the IT desk in my office and I’m considering asking her out. I will of course follow Mr. Pellicer’s techniques and hopefully I can get her on a date in no time.

  • Jay

    Hey guys, I’m really liking this site. I’ve learned some awesome things since checking it out a couple weeks ago and I can’t wait to see the awesome stuff you offer up next.

    Anyways I’ve checked out Josh Pellicer’s dating system not too long ago, and it gives you a lot of useful tips and tricks to getting the girl. I failed a few times, due to my own failings, but I was able to ask a girl out and actually go on a date with her. It was quite nice to say the least, I wasn’t expecting it to work. I was actually going to badmouth the program, but when I got her to go on a date with me, I changed my mind. You’re a life saver.

  • roman43

    Pellicer may have done a good job marketing “his” material (Goldfish video “secret”, stating that girls are attracted to men who are already surrounded by girls). Bottom line: Avoid, it will not get you laid. Why? The material does not have depth and little practical application. Very little, if any of his stuff is original, it’s been ripped off and rehashed from others without due credit.

  • Christian

    I honestly never heard about Josh but his book could get me out of this single period I’m in. I know what I have to say, how I have to say it, but I’m unable to find a proper date. I have about zero self-confidence so you can say I’m sabotaging myself. I will have to get a copy of his book to work on this…