Secrets Of The Tao of Badass System Exposed In This Review

The Tao SystemWhat Is Background Behind This Product???

Man behind this product claims to be a sort of combination between a healer and a life coach in the world of romance. He drew his inspiration from a life of experiencing constant failures with women and having no idea as to how to fix it. He would spend a lot of money of highly lauded dating classes and seminars on how to attract women, and yet each one would only serve to make him feel like he had taking another step backward.

That constant failure to attract women, he discovered, was not because he didn’t know those right things to do; the problem that he discovered was that he had no idea what not to do. He would constantly be at a loss to understand what it was that he was lacking, and why his tool bag of tricks and lines were having so little effect in the long run.

By all means, he thought, he should have been attracting women; however, time and time again, end result was less than satisfying. He can still recall numerous stories of having a woman regard him as only a friend, leave him a party to speak with someone who had more confidence, or lose interest after an extended period of time spent with them that seemed intimate in the beginning.

If you want to IMPROVE your skills with WOMEN and also self confidence and social skills in general, THIS IS A MUST HAVE PRODUCT. PERIOD. –

After taking all of the opposite things to do based on a plethora of collections of handbooks and classes teaching the “moves”, he was able to compile his popular course for seduction, an anthology that aims to educate those who are lost in love by teaching them how to stop cheating themselves out of getting what they want.

BTW, you can read more about Joshua Pellicer in here.

After being a guru for thousands of men, he claims to realize that there are specific patterns in success stories. He also realized that there were specific patterns in the failures. He realized that just because he was teaching, it didn’t mean that his time to study was completely over. While he was working with his company in the past, he was bound by a contract that not would allow him to teach any real dating coach’s secrets.

I’m a girl, but this was wonderfully insightful as to how guys think we think. Although personally, I wouldn’t recommend playing hard to get as a way to pick girls up. All the girls I know would hate having to do the work to initiate a relationship. –

He claims that if he did teach his secrets, that there was a fear that no one would ever return to classes again. Classes were not cheap, with each class was $3500 a piece. Now that he has left, he claims that he can tell everything. Course is what he claims to be the ultimate book for everything that he was not able to reveal when he was a professional coach in the life of love.

What Is Covered In Tao System Book?

Essentially, program is presented as a comprehensive, end all be all guide to becoming an unstoppable woman magnet. Book covers topics from making woman approach man, meeting women in general, confidence, getting a girlfriend, and dating tips. Each of the categories is outfitted with a certain amount of subcategories beneath the initial topic. Subcategories include certain small niches as the best ways to keep conversation going, the best way to stop a woman on the street, top 5 ways men kill attraction, and ways to get that a first kiss.

god!!!this is THE most amazing self help book i have come across among the huge array and numbers available…this beautiful creation isnt just about scoring chiks but developing urself….a must read for all men –

What ‘Not To Do

Program claims that it is just as important to know what to do in flirting and dating situations as it is to know what not to do. It claims that you can follow every single piece of good advice you get about how to act around one, but if one only adds in more positive approaches and doesn’t eliminate habits that are actually holding them back, they are not going to experience much success.

The Old Flame, What Is Main Attraction Killer For Ya???

One of the main things mentioned as an ‘attraction killer’ is talking about ex-girlfriends. His guide claims that mentioning your ex is okay if it’s “applicable to the conversation”, but it would be more wise to veer away from the topic altogether.

9 out of 10, this book/program by Joshua Pellicer is highly recommended. Program is your beyond average guide to every average guy’s dating feat. –

All In The Eyes, Really???

The Tao of Badass System

Another attraction killer is avoiding eye contact. Eye contact is described as one of the ultimate ways to establish both dominance and rapport at same time. As eyes are a window into conscience, having nerve to stare straight into a stranger’s eyes shows a certain fearlessness and intimacy that makes them both feel more secure and yet guarded at same time. By neglecting to make eye contact, one gives signs of nervousness and detachment.

Hands On

Another attraction-killer listed is keeping one’s hands to themselves. While instruction manual claims that we are taught that physical contact with opposite sex should be reserved to private interactions, friendly touch is a great way to portray confidence and connect with your prospective date.

By making touch platonic at first, things can quickly escalate into sexual contact if one makes sure to keep touch consistent but not overbearing. One shouldn’t just ram their hand into a pretty girl’s cleavage on the sidewalk to establish friendly feelings, but instead, a tap on the shoulder or pat on arm can resonate very loudly on their own.

Walk The Walk

The program asserts that men should also take care to never devalue themselves. If one goes into a situation believing that there are not good enough for their target, all is already lost. No matter how much one builds themselves up, they’re doomed to fail if the interior of their building is made of wet Styrofoam.

To put it a certain way, one should take care to make sure that they are solid gold and not simply gold-plated. With that right amount of security, the confident image that a man exudes will resonate perfectly with the way his attitude backs it up.

Action And Reaction

It is crucial to never ignore body language or reactions from every woman. Even if one barrels forward with carefully planned flirtation strategy, and that might make them feel truly prepared, somebody can easily feel the situation for one simple reason: attraction takes two people to truly be effective.

I heard about it from a friend. He sold it to me based on my interest in psychology. Much to my surprise i actually learned from this book and walked away with a better understanding not just of dating or picking up women but being social in general. –

If At First

If one technique fails to work, one should not just reach into the toolbox of moves and find something else. Instead, one should take note of her first reaction to the first attempt and attempt to take note of what wasn’t effective. After one has determined whether or not they were too aggressive, unconfident, or simply uninteresting, next action can be chosen accordingly while still maintaining a level of dignity.

No Hail-Mary Passes

One must always remember to not try and bust out all attraction technique one learns without 100% belief that they’re all going to work. If one isn’t “present in the moment”, as the Attraction System puts it, then they aren’t able to react and adapt accordingly. Human aspect is gone when one tries to make an interaction as cold and calculated as robotic engineering, and women can sense manufactured confidence from a mile away.

Trying to plan an entire conversation is a little bit like attempting to predict weather; you can dress however you like for it, but in the end, weather is going to be what it will be no matter how you prepare, and you will suffer if your wardrobe isn’t flexible enough to handle its changes.

If you’re struggling with getting more girls, you owe it to yourself to try the course. Life without a significant other, or even without casual encounters, can be tough to live. It’s not your fault you haven’t yet developed skills needed to land a girl. But it is your responsibility to fix the situation. –

Silver Tongue

Keeping conversation going is one of the most vital skills anybody can possess in his pursuit of a potential romantic partner. Conversations are born out of awkward silences, and so one should welcome that anxious feeling instead of dreading it. Key to maintaining conversation, according to course, is to be constantly observant. Being ‘present’ means that one has awareness of everything around them aside from the immediate people and topics on their minds, which ensures that there is always something to talk about.

Quality in a man to have focus on things that aren’t directly related to him or the people he’s with is somewhat rate, making it a strong point of distinctive attraction for women who are too used to men only thinking of themselves all day. To be present is to be observant, to be observant is to be flexible, to be flexible is to be comfortable, and to be comfortable is to be intimate.

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Being ‘The Man’ With The Tao of Badass 

To put it simply, program is aimed at showing men all of ways not to attract women and outfitting them with the best possible remaining set of skills in order to help them completely attract women. By purging the habits of all of the unattractive qualities that leave so many men high and dry thanks to their inability to detect what does and does not work, those who follow the program are claimed to be virtually incapable of failing if they do exactly what is told to them.

You Can Download It In HERE.

While the proof behind his program could be slightly dubious when trying to apply to an incredibly broad range of females all across the world, support of keystone qualities such as confidence and self-esteem are undoubtedly useful; not only in romance, but as a general life skill.

  • David

    Hey Josh, thanks a lot for this review. I really want this book cause I am bad with ladies, do you think it might work for me??? Also, how can I get it??? I heard that you can download it online only, is that true???

    • Hey David, thanks for commenting!!! Yup, you can buy it online and then download the book straight away. It comes as downloadable PDF. Also, one thing I would like to say is that I wish I knew this info from the book sooner, so I guess it will help every male out there.

  • Jack

    Heeey, I am ready to purchase the system but wanted to know if you found something like special discount or deal for this product??? Have one girl I want to attract, hope this program helps me.

    • Hey Jack, thanks for commenting. Anyways, the price is final, there is no discount available. I know the price is kinda premium, but this info might really change the way you live. Trust me. If you have abudance of women in your life then enjoy them. If not, get the program and enjoy the process.

  • Yaning

    I think one of the most important things when dating is confidence, if not THE most important. Confidence touches on everything, including how you act, how you react, how you perceive/process things, how you relate to people. And so I’m glad confidence is one of the things the program touches on.

    • Yaning, thanks a lot for your comment!!! You nailed it, confidence is one of the most important things out there!!!

      • Ramsey

        How do you build your confidence though? So many teach to have confidence but they never explain how to gain true confidence. Please help?!


  • As a mature woman of 40 something.. I can say that one of the first things I look for in a potential date is preparedness. I can’t stand a guy that picks me up and says, ‘so, whaddya wanna do?’. It’s lazy. I try to have a back up plan in case I run into this problem so that all the pressure is not on him, but in the end, its a game changer and a strike.

    • Preparedness and purpose, great combination. Thanks for stopping by Erica.

    • Beck

      I have always thought women like to pick what we should do on the date. I am now assuming that my previous assertions were wrong?

  • What an excellent, idea! We live in such a litigious society that banns flirtation just about everywhere, consequently we’ve forgotten how to relate to one another, and are afraid to turn on the charm. A program like this can really help a dude find his mojo again! I’ll merinade on it, not sure if I am quite ready to be schooled on dating at my age ! lol.

    • Yop Jimmy, completely agree with you. This program helped lots of men around the globe.

    • Trevor

      To be too young to be schooled in dating you have excellent language skills. Either you you think you are too young to be schooled or you are very intelligent for your age lol!!

  • This program should be surefire success. If you’re addressing, confidence issues, attitude issues, control issues , there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to catch a fish. I’ve seen the ugliest dudes with the most beautiful women, and they weren’t all millionaires so they must have been doing something right.

    • Danielle, thanks a lot for commenting and sharing your thoughts!!!

  • Peter

    Hey all, I really want to buy this but I am too young to have a credit card. SIGH…. My parents wont let me use theirs. They tell me I am too young for such things… But I know I have to find something that works, something, that will give me an edge!!!! Please Josh, help me!!!!

    • Peter, I hope you find a solution to this problem. Maybe ask an older friend, sister, brother… I know you find a solution that works for ya. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  • JungleBoy

    Surely sounds like a good idea
    with these techniques i can go somewhere , i was so looking forwad to getting a guide for this kind of strategy . im going to give it a whirl and see what happens

    jungle boy

  • boydatesgirl

    my girlfriend told me I often tell guys to find fun, playful ways to indirectly answer the questions women ask. This includes the typical questions like what you do for a living and where do you live. So, you might ask, “How can I create certainty in women if you’re telling me to keep them uncertain about these things?

    really should i ask men for this . or make my own plan .. anyway this sytem looks like a good way ..might try this

  • Jento

    After nearly 13 years of marriage, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are taking a break… i would like to know the system that he used to get such a beautiful chick .. how ever in
    the meantime i will rely on tao to get me there

  • Supadupa

    dating sites are crap and demanding and short-term , the best way it o develop and refine your own strategy or then refine someone else strategy to you own
    Ima gonna check out mr tao the badass

    supadupa lova

    • Supadupa, thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

  • Adrian

    Attracting women is not rocket science as most men perceive it to be’

    Women tend to be on top of their beauty game as well — whether it’s having freshly done nails, a smooth bikini line or killer abs they’ve been working on all spring. These superficial things will not snag a man, but they will make a woman feel more attractive and when you’re feeling sexy and desirable, you exude it.

    surely i still need some advice anyway .. so will have to check a gameplan and follow it

    Adrian chunta

  • Cat

    For me, eye contact is a sign of confidence. Even if you don’t feel that confident and/or you’re shy, but can still look up and look me in the eyes while we’re talking, then that, for me, is courage right there. I would also think it sweet as it’s not an easy thing to muster up to do.

    • Travis

      I have always though some women felt excessive eye contact was awkward, is this not true? Thanks in advance Cat!

    • Cat, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!!!

  • Sam

    Your post about this book has made me realise that some guys have it just as hard as some women do, just in a different way. I think I take it for granted that some do get nervous, that some lack confidence, that some really don’t know how to go about dating. We’re all human, men no more or less than women.

  • James

    What exactly makes this different from other dating guide? I have tried so many in the past. My girlfriends in the past have all been very pretty, as I am actually decently handsome. I just fail at “getting lucky” so to speak. I also have trouble mastering the whole essence of small talk

  • Alex

    I have personally read this book and can attest to its teachings! James, I was a lot like you at least it seems from your short description of yourself. I found that this book helped me tremendously!

  • @Peter

    Try paypal! You simply load money onto a secure paypal account and then you can use the money to purchase what ever! I’m sure; given the year, that your parents are at least familiar with paypal.

  • Adam

    I am very excited about potentially purchasing this product. I hope it helps me, I have always wanted to be able to attract women.

    • Hello Adam, thanks for stopping by. I know you will be happy with your purchase!!!

  • Drew

    I love this! I am yet to put anything into action, but I can really see that what I am learning can be affective.

  • Marshall

    I have always wanted to be a badass. Can this really show me how? I know it’s in me, I’m just so shy!

    • Hey Marshall!!! Give it a try and you will see 🙂 Trust me, you wont be disappointed!!!

  • Ben

    Is this better if you are trying to target the girl of your dreams (at least I think she is) or is this more for men trying to get with various women.

    • Ben, I would say, as you become more and more interesting to other women, your dream girl will notice that!!! Thanks for stopping by Ben.

  • Agatha

    I like the title! Draws you in. It’s good of the author to grow from his experiences and to pass on what he knows. Each one, teach one. I get the feeling the book not only addresses how to circumnavigate the whole dating thing, but also focuses on the guy himself (for e.g., self confidence). That’s good.

    • Agatha, thanks for stopping by and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!!!

  • Chris Romans

    The book by Mr. Josh sounds like an interesting guide to attraction. It is, no doubt, a complex science and art to get someone to like you as more than a friend. I’m not “inexperienced” with women, but consistently struggle with anxiety and similar sorts of problems, which can influence my overall confidence from time to time. I imagine that some guidance through these sorts of scenarios could be useful, even to someone like myself who, again, is relatively successful with women.

    One thing I have learned is to really emphasize friendship and genuine interest for the girl you are going after. If she is not one dimensional (IE: not just wanting a partner who looks good or has money), she will likely catch on that you are a decent guy and worth a chance. Of course, I’ve found myself in the friend-zone a lot as a result of this, but I ultimately think it is valuable if you intend to have any sort of relationship with a person outside of just sex or a series of hook ups. So, on that note, is this system more geared towards finding a one night stand that is hot, or something more long term?

    • Wow Chris, such a long comment 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!!!

  • Keri Morris

    I have a male friend who is having MAJOR problems in the world of romance. He’s been chasing 3 girls during the past 2 years after his fiance broke his heart. I’ve been trying to coach him on how to talk to girls, but he won’t listen. He is trying hard but he keeps ending up in the friend zone. Your article was fantastic and EXACTLY what women want… but how do I get him to listen? Lol. Any advice?

  • Shawn

    Hey Josh, thanks a lot for offering this product. I just wanted to say I recently purchased it and I have so many dates this week with three cute girls. Hopefully it works out with one of them lol.

  • Butterflygirl99

    This was so eye opening. First off, I’m a chick, and I’m wondering if the same techniques would work on me? It seems like I can hook a guy, but keeping him interested is the problem. I feel like guys get bored and turn their heads at the next girl that comes around. So I guess my question is, does this work for girls too?

  • Mike Hades

    Hi! I just came across your site for the first time… saw it advertised on Google and I am totally blown away. Your system sounds great and I’m ready to give it a try. I’m really shy and the online dating thing just isn’t working for me. I want to pick up girls at the gym. Will it work there or is that too creepy?

    • Hey Mike, I know you will like the product. I would say that the techniques can be used everywhere IMHO… Thanks for commenting.

  • Gino

    Just wanted to thank you for a really great system Josh… I been usin it since summer began and I have more confidence and more luck… no longer get that sweaty feelin of dread when I want to talk to a woman. I haven’t found the right girl I wanna spend my life with yet but hopefully in time that will come. Any ideas on where to meet super high quality girls? LOL

    • Gino, thanks for stopping by and letting us all know your thoughts!!!

  • Mark

    I find your technique very interesting. I have never heard of anyone suggesting to make physical contact. I thought touching was a no no. I like the other techniques as well and think this is a winning combination. I am going to try it and see how it goes.

  • Jack

    Wow, looks like a pretty cool program IMHO. Wondering if it works in my situation though…

  • Jordan

    I have to read this, I am sick of getting close to a girl then realising i have been “friend zoned” no man want to be in the friend zone. With the help from the tao fo badass hopefully this will not happen ever again

  • Ross

    Im often skeptical about these sort of programs but this article has some great reviews from reputable sites.

    You will have to call me lady killer from now on (fingers crossed)

  • James

    I often find it really easy to chat up girls in clubs but then when i meet them after for a date i often struggle to find common ground or suitable conversations. Im hoping this will help me as lets be honest awkward silences are well…………. AWKWARD

  • Dave

    I used to be quite shy, But i have noticed being confident definitely pulls strings with most of the females i have met although you don’t want to come across as a big head.

  • Cam

    Huh, I’ll have to give this article a shot. I am not the greatest when it comes to the ladies and I know I could use many pointers. Thanks for sharing the awesome article. Keep the blog posts coming dude, I appreciate any help I can get. 😀

  • Another Dude

    If this can truly make me a chick magnet, I’m going to give it a shot. What do I have to lose? You only live once, plus I think every technique as long as it’s not idiotic is worth a try, and this doesn’t sound idiotic at all.

  • Chick Magnet

    So yeah, I followed the Tao of Badass system and I’ll admit, it worked for me. I was always that guy who didn’t try hard enough. In all honesty I’m thankful for this. I’m a really shy guy, sometimes anti-social, so I gave this a shot. Normally I would never bother with this, but I said why not and went into it. There is a lot of interesting things to learn from this and I suggest you all give it a shot.

  • anonymous

    I’m skeptical about these type of things, but I am interested in learning about it all. I’ve been with girls many times, but I can never find the one. I’ve dated girls my whole life, but never truly got women to truly want me. That’s always been a goal of mine, maybe I’ll meet the one this way, maybe not, but I say it’s worth a shot.

  • Danny R.

    I usually try too hard for women, and it usually ends up with me not getting the girl. I know girls sometimes like the “bad boys” but I don’t think that’s really true. If you have great self confidence, you’ll get the girl. If you’re smart, social, happy, that’ll show off in your character. Try this out, it could make you into that laddies man you once longed for.

  • Timothy

    The walk the walk is certainly true. No matter what the situation if you think you’re going to fail then chances are it’s going to come true. This concerns everything not just picking up girls.

    • Jonathan

      This is so very true! If you decide to approach a girl but you already think it will end in a disaster and she won’t give you a second look, chances are you’re right. You have to have more guts and talk like you mean it. Try to find something nice about her and compliment that. Being open and sincere will help you!

  • tizzy

    My father gave me lots of women advice and many of it is just like you stated in your post. I guess these things were extremely secret back in the day!

  • justin

    Looks like the trial and error that’s been documented. Sounds like an awesome course if it helps me to remove some of my flaws when it comes to women. Never had much luck in that department.

  • Ryan H.

    I am interested even more now. I haven’t been that great when it comes to conversing with women and getting women to really notice me, so I will check this out soon to see if I can get that much needed help. Here I come ladies. 😉

  • MarkLeon

    I like to think I’m good when it comes to women, but that’s not true at all. I’ve failed miserably in the past years since attending college. I have only been with one girl, and that was short lived. Turned out she was interested in my friend.

    Anyways I’m going to check this out soon. The program sounds really cool and I hope it can change me to be more confident.

  • Franky Frank

    Tao of Badass has been one of the best thing I have ever purchased. The book has been such a great read that I’ve grown even more confident because of it. Lately I noticed that I am more comfortable around women, normally I would be scared and would fail at talking to a beautiful woman. So far I haven’t met any women, but I notice I have a new aura about me that women are noticing, and it makes me feel awesome.

  • Spike

    This book is promising. I will have to check it out as soon as possible. I have a friend who has read the book and he told me to check it out. I did a search for it and found this site among some of the other sites talking about it.

    Usually I’m awesome with women, but since my girlfriend broke up with me, I’ve become a joke of a man, and I haven’t been able to talk to any girls lately. Hopefully the System will help me better myself.

  • Randal

    Yes, this book has changed my life. Last month I got the book on a whim, didn’t expect it to be anything helpful, boy was I wrong. I read it all the way through and I decided to use some of the techniques in the book and let me tell ya, it worked. I got this one girl I was drooling over for the last few weeks, I followed some of the things in the book, and come to find out, we’re already waling out of the bar and we’re walking down the street, talking away at each other.

    Thank you for this book, it has changed my life.

  • Maximillian E

    I’m one of those nice guys who always ends up as a friend, rather than a boyfriend. Heck, I’d even take a fling at this point, but I’ve been having a serious dry spell. I hate to think that nice guys like me finish last, but that’s what its been feeling like.

    A friend of mine recommended this book (jokingly), but I ended up getting it because of the section called Escaping the Friend Zone.

    I tried it. At first reluctantly because I wasn’t confident that it would work. Then about a week ago I really got into what I was doing.

    I don’t kiss-and-tell, but let’s just say I finally ended up in first place with an ex co-worker who I’d been in the friend zone with for years.

    I highly recommended it!

  • Guy

    I’ve never been what I consider to be a hardcore pick up artist. Never tried any of these types of books before. Somehow I found this site a few weeks ago, read about this ebook and decided to get it. Maybe an old dog can learn some new tricks.

    Went to a popular pub last Friday to try out what I’d learned. There’s a technique Josh teaches where you approach a woman with your chest faced away from her. He says when your chest is facing hers it’s a turnoff.

    Simple stuff, but it worked. I think it made me appear a little more aloof, but I had this long haired brunette eating out of my hand for hours. I plan on trying a few more of his techniques out.

  • David

    I always thought women were predictable in some ways. But I’ve only been able to figure out their predictable nature when I’m dating them. Josh’s book helped me understand if a woman is attracted to me by the things she does. Not women I know – total strangers.

    Now I find women easier to figure out. I can be anywhere and I’ll know by a womans actions if she’ll be receptive to my approach just by the things she does. I feel like a king since I cracked the code, lol.

    • Lucas

      I’m the poster boy for awkward shyness and this helped me fail all my relationships and dooms my chances of getting dates. I start getting the famous red face and then I’m unable to open my mouth and make conversation. Thanks for your honest opinion, I will have to give this a go and see if it works for me.

  • Tommy in CO

    I’m surprised to all the good reviews here. I’m a shy guy. Not bad looking, but I have a hard time connecting with women in busy social situations. Even if I buy a woman a drink at a bar and we have decent conversation, there’s still nothing.

    For those of you who’ve tried the system, do you think it’ll work for a guy like me who’s shyer than average? I’d like to give it a go, but I want some more opinions.

  • JoeT

    Awesome site dude! I got Tao of Badass a few months ago and met my current girlfriend after I approached her in the grocery store using my new found skills.

    The ebook is maybe 150 pages long, but it’s not just random advice. I liked it because it’s a system based on psychology.

    Before I got this book I’d only done online dating for the past year. Afterwards, I had enough confidence to approach women wherever I was. My girlfriend told me it was because of my confidence that she ended up going out with me.

    This stuff is no joke. If you use it, you will get the eye candy.

  • Tom

    This was insanely helpful and a great investment of my money and time, ive bought courses from other sources, and this is by far better. (well depending what your looking for) DO NOT pick this for one night stands, whilst it might help you get them, this course is more for friends with benefits, and making girls fall in love with you, which he REALLY DOES show you how to do in this book, its not as hard as you think. but i truly recommend this.

  • Steve

    It was created to give all men, regardless of their genetics or their wealth, the information they need to attract the women they desire. After reading this informative guide I am able to understand that seducing women is a skill that every man should learn. This book enables any man to gain the knowledge of the secrets and skills on how to become a complete badass in the field of women seduction.

  • Allen

    This book is a set of tools which is solely aimed at changing the male mindset about the female and teaches techniques on how to get closer and intimate with a woman. I am sure this book has been abused to get anyone, but it really does help you out in the long run. What ever kind of relationship your looking for it can help you obtain it. Just use it wisely.

  • Joe

    I have gotta say that this book actually works like a charm. I just finished reading this book and it has apparently given me the advantage and edge over my peers. For those of you who are still in the fence to reading this book, you really don’t know what you are missing out.

  • Dodge

    Changed my life. That’s all there is to it. Not only can I approach a girl and get her to make out with me within 1 minute, Right now I am dating a swimsuit model/actor who is way out of my league She along with in our sex life is amazing, and if I hadn’t run into the Tao, I would have never even had the confidence to talk to her. This product is simply perfect.

  • Jay P.

    I think that the key to really getting in good with a girl is to be confident, well presented, and interested in the girl’s conversation, qualities, and her mind rather than just attempting to seduce her into liking you.

    A lot of girls prefer men who are genuine, inherently funny, and know what they want in their life (have aspirations, dreams, etc). Guys seem to either have no confidence and “shy out,” before they even get anywhere, or don’t open the doors away from the friend zone and into a more romantic zone – which there are key ways of doing this.

    However, I do think that even the shyest of guys, or the most hard core friend zoned blokes will be able to benefit from this e-book, and if done right, might be able to turn around their luck like many others have.

    Good luck!

  • Dominic

    I think this product is extremely helpful in opening up the ways of which us guys need to work in order to make things head in the right direction with women. Women are much more interested in the emotional, and psychological aspects of relationships that we can seem to be distant or not as in touch with our emotions as women would like to see.

    I know that this has happened to me several times – where I find this great girl and yet I never get anywhere that I want because I can’t seem to connect with her fully because my mindset just isn’t quite right.

    I’ve bought the book and am skimming through it right now. I’ll be looking forward to reading it in full and seeing if I can use some of these techniques to my advantage. I’d love to get away from the whole dating and getting nowhere, to dating and being happy with the find of my life.


  • Harry T.

    I would highly recommend this product to any guy who wants to get into the right mindset about dating women, and learning how to actually connect with them on a level that is going to allow you to actually get with her.

    Furthermore, if you’ve been out of the dating scene for awhile, you’re going to need to update your techniques and re-learn how to seduce women, so definitely check this product out – it’s worth the buy!

    It got my friend back into the game and with a solid relationship within 2 months.

  • Kyle G.

    Seduction is everything. Wait, what am I saying? Yes it is. Guys, get this product if you want to learn the techniques of getting a girl to really feel and be attracted to you. If you want to get out of that friend zone (although I do think that there are some valuable lessons within that position), then you need to present yourself as attractive, confident, and emotionally interested in her.

    Get her thinking you’re a great guy, and prove it to her. She’ll eventually give you a chance, because no girl that is interested will ever surpass a chance to be with a potential partner that is not only interested in her, but knows what mindset to be in to provide that relationship that women are looking for.

  • Kirk Patrick

    I like how the guide is incredibly informative and to the point. I think figuring out women is a difficult thing, but being able to use certain techniques might make it a little easier. I have never really been a fan of using pick up lines or overly exerting myself with dubious ploys just to get a women’s attention and just figured that I kept getting friend zoned because they weren’t interested in me as a romantic interest.

    But after taking a look at this system, I think I can see a way of turning that around and actually making myself be a viable option for women as a romantic partner – if I do this correctly, I really hope I can land myself a women that genuinely wants to be with me.

    Here’s hoping it works!

    • Hannah

      I think that if you’re uncomfortable with your approach, it will show, and women won’t like that. I’m sure that there’s an approach method that you do feel comfortable with though.

  • Ryan

    After reading endless guides with words like “kino”, the Tao of Badass was a breath of fresh air to really get me motivated and changing my narrow mindset. By nature I am relatively shy anyway, so the idea of touching a girl without her absolute consent would make me feel like I was just groping!

    I read through this book a few times and made sure that I was comprehending and not just giving the words a once-over, and the result is an extreme boost in confidence and I am completely willing and able to make women feel comfortable and give them my hand without feeling awkward about it.

  • Julie

    So long story short I found this guide printed out in my boyfriend’s room and did some looking around on the internet to figure out exactly what it was. He used these techniques on me and it worked!

    I love him and am so thankful that he read this – when we met I literally felt like I was being swept off my feet by my very own prince charming, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To any of your guys that are considering buying this guide, just do it: it will change your dating life for the better.

  • Tanner

    Long time reader, first time poster here.

    Your site has always been a trustworthy resource for me to take a look at ideas for improving my dating game, so when I saw you endorsing the system via this post I was relieved as I had purchased the guide a week prior.

    I won’t go into too many details, but in the last week my life has been turned upside down in a very good way. This guide took everything I thought I knew about women, drained it out of me, and filled me up with not only facts but the mindset to be successful every since time I go out.

  • Alex Jacques

    Having a French name, you would think I am a regular Don Juan with the ladies…but this is simply not the case. It has actually worked against me, because once women learn my last name they automatically assume I will woo them with my words and body motions. Instead, up until now I have generally disappointed them and ultimately embarrassed myself!

    I received the attraction guide for my birthday earlier this year as a gag gift from a friend…it turned out to be the best gift I had ever received. This thing is just chock full of techniques that I never would have thought about on my own. I don’t even know what the cost of this guide is, but no matter I am sure that it has paid for itself already many times over through free drinks I get at the bar after helping to wing for other guys from what I learned here.

  • George

    Watching body language is so crucial to being successful with women. There is some statistic like 80% of communication is visual and 20% audio and I could not agree more, even though it took me 23 years to realize it.

    I go out now and have learned to scan the room for women that are open to being approached, greatly improving my chances for success from the onset. From there, this guide has helped me to drill down and improve my conversational skills and confidence in general. I can’t think of one aspect of my life that hasn’t improved since reading the Tao of Badass.

  • ImRickJames

    The e-book has a lot of good information on how to build attraction and lists all the mistakes men make. I did find it a bit long winded but so far, it seems to have a fair amount of information for the price.

  • ImRickJames

    This program has a lot good information and perks- such as on going
    webinars, and videos so for the price of the program, you get a lot of extras.
    It’s a good value.

  • Gamer2012

    This book contains a lot of quality advise ,very specific with free videos and tutorials. It’s one of the best systems. I’ve come across in a long time. My only complaint is that when you log on to the site, there is no clear link to the ebook, the website is not very intuitive.

  • Henry

    The Five week course combined with the ebook provides the best system. Some people complain about how long the videos are. Really? You can spend 20 minutes to change your life? If you’re that lazy, girls won’t want you anyway. More for the rest of us!

  • Henry

    I saw a lot of compaints saying they were not able to ‘pick up ‘ or ‘get laid’. This is not a book designed for one night stand jokers . It’s a philosophy for increasing attraction, making your self more attractive to women.. that may or may not result in a one night stand, or it may result in a long term committed relationship

    • Mark

      Exactly. If you just want sex, there are easy ways to get that, much easier than anything you’ll find in this book. But if you want to make yourself into a charismatic man that attracts the attention of quality ladies, you want to read this book.

  • Dave Id

    Great program, depending on your expectations.I found my wife by applying these techniques. It’s more about changing the things that make you ‘unattractive’. Most of us don’t even realize what is is about us that turns women off!

  • George Sills

    This program changed my life. “Knowledge isn’t power, applying knowledge is power” This program helps you become a better, more confident and sucessful version of ‘you’. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their ‘machismo’

  • Daryl J

    I think this program is absolutely the best – I just bought the book and it’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I actually got the girl this time! II used to be so nervous and shy, and now I am not intimidated by women at all. I will recommend this to all my friends! Thanks!

  • Salvadore.G

    Understanding body language is so important if you want to be successful with
    women. Too bad it took me 23 years to realize
    it! I wish I found this program while I was in my 20!

  • RenoDude

    This is probably one of the best self improvement products I’ve ever used. I haven’t tried many because I am pretty near to perfect already, But I m a fan of how Josh teaches the basics of confidence and control.

    • Phil

      Lol, even the most skilled man could always use to brush up a bit 🙂 Besides, there’s a lot of good pointers about confidence that could be applied to many other areas of life than just women.

  • Chris

    This guide has really helped me to dig down down deep and work on my conversational skills to build confidence. Literally, every aspect of my life has improved to some degree due to the teachings learned in Tao of Badass!

  • DLE

    I got the attraction guide for my bday, this year as a prank gag gift from an ex friend…funny that it turned out to be one of the best
    gifts I have ever received. Full of great techniques that I
    never would have thought about on my own. I don’t knowhow much the program costs, because it was a gift, but at the end of the day, it’s gotta be worth it.

    • Sioux

      Best prank gift ever, right? My brother got gifted a gag gift set with girly body oils and lotions, but my sister in law took me aside the other day and said it was the best thing ever, as his skin has been perfectly soft and his feet well kept ever since! She loves it.

  • NotAPlaya1973

    I did some research on this and I’ve read some really good reviews. Most of the negative reviews just complain about not being able to get girls to sleep with them. I am sure that I can find a way to find a romantic partner for the long term using these techniques.. I am intersted in finding a woman that genuinely wants to be with me.

  • NotAPlaya1973

    I would really recommend this program to a man wants to learn how to meet and attract women, not learn how to ‘bag and tag’. If you are a one hit wonder, this is not for you.

  • Derek

    Great for guys who’ve been out of the dating scene for a while and want to refresh their skilzzz. I had forgotten about eye contact. Usually, I’m just so nervous I look at the table or my hands and didnt’ realize this makes me look sleezy and untrustworthy.

    • Xavier

      I can definitely relate to being out of the dating scene for a while! I’ve recently divorced (thank god) and after a few months getting comfortable with my new single status, I realized I have no clue how to approach women anymore

  • Lisa

    I’m a chick, for full disclosure. I was hanging out with a few of my girlfriends last night and a man approached us… he said barely a few sentences, but my friends were quick to exit the situation because they said that they could immediately tell from my body language that I didn’t like the guy and that they figured they should exit the situation. Strangely, I didn’t even know him. We met him again later, and I realized that he was not making eye contact with me. He was looking at my eyebrows or something instead of my eyes! Obviously, I instinctively didn’t like that and my friends picked up on it. Just figured you guys should know how important eye contact is.

  • roger

    does this work?

  • bh

    Great book

  • j

    Seek Jesus and HE will solve all of your problems, nothing else will. God Bless.

    • The Dude Abides

      oooooh, so you mean Jesus will be my wingman? That’s great, I never thought he could do miracles but if he can get me laid then HALELLUJAH

  • Jerry Sandusky

    Love this book, really insightful. I’ve easily picked up 10 chicks with a few of these techniques.

  • Simone

    I don’t know how great this book is, but I wish there was something that will help me “score” dudes. I’ve had tons of blind dates and random meetings in the park but they all end after a few words exchanged. I’m in desperate need of a trick and I have to change the way I react whenever I’m near a guy I fancy or I’ll be your next door cat lady.