10 Signs That She Is Cheating On You: WARNING!! She Might Be Having An Affair

Is She Having An AffairContrary to what you may believe, you are not the center of the universe. And contrary to what you may believe, women do cheat. But take a breather and settle down because it doesn’t happen often. Will a woman cheat on you?

While most of us hope not, studies and surveys have shown that over 1/3 of women would be tempted to cheat if they were guaranteed that their partner would never find out.

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There is no such thing as a perfect relationship so there is always a chance that she may be cheating. Keep in mind that signs below aren’t necessarily only signals, there might be many more.

They also demonstrate that something in your relationship is not going as well as it should be. Either way, let’s take a look at a few signs that you can watch out for to determine if she is seeing someone else.

Family Detachment

One sign that she may be cheating is that she detaches herself from your family. She may also stop hanging out with your friends as well. The reason women do this is out of remorse. Basically, she feels guilty and will feel less pain if she isn’t immersed in your life- including family or friends. Remember, the less mental baggage she has holding her back, the easier it will be for her to commit the deed.

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Consistent Nagging

The days of harmonious communication are gone when a women decides to do nothing but nag. Basically, she will find every excuse to lash out and argue with you. The reason a woman will do this is to justify her deed by rationalizing that it wasn’t working out with your anyway. It helps eliminate a lot of her guilt. So if a woman starts to point out every flaw and starts arguments about every little thing then it could be a sign that she has been unfaithful or is going to.

The Mysterious Friend

One telltale sign that a woman is being unfaithful is that she has a mysterious friend who slowly makes a bigger impact in her life. Whether it is a co-worker or someone that she knows from school, she may keep him a secret as well as may be hesitant to share information about him with you. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that something out of the norm is happening here and you should speak with your significant other about it be.

Deflecting Simple Questions

When your girlfriend starts acting suspicious and starts to avoid very simple questions then this could be a sign that she’s hiding something. If she immediately repeats your questions back to you before answering then chances are good that she’s searching her mind for a lie. On the same token, she may become very defensive when you ask her questions about her whereabouts or future plans. As a general rule of thumb, if she starts to deflect information that she used to volunteer in the past, she is hiding something that she doesn’t want to tell you about.

Shift in Priorities

If a woman is involved in heavy romance with another man then she will definitely start to shift her priorities away from yours. All of a sudden, she won’t have time to see you and she will start to break-off regular meetings that you used to have with her. Also, if there is a sudden switch in dates for particular events like dance-lessons or work schedule then she’s probably making them to see her new fling. Basically, anything action that is designed to create distance between you and her could be a sign of infidelity.

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She Looks Sexier More Often

A woman who is cheating will go way out of her way to make sure that she is looking as best as she can before leaving the house. The reason she does this is to dazzle and impress her new fling as much as possible. Remember that way that she dressed at the beginning of your relationship together? That is how she is going to try and present herself when she does something wrong. She’ll wear new jewelry, clothing, and even makeup. She’ll even wear these things to places where there is really no need for them like the mall for example.

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She Becomes More Independent

Part of trying to break it off with you and having her romance with her new guy is that she wants to be independent from you. The earlier she starts doing this, the less of a burden it will actually be when the time comes to leave you (if and when she decides to do it). Basically, she will start to drop her vocabulary from “we” to phrases that favor “I”. However, what is more important to watch out for is that she will stop speaking with you about future plans.

In short, she will start acting a manner that dictates that she no longer needs you to hold her hand. Whether or not she is actually going to leave your or simply create more space for your “double life” it is safe to say that she doesn’t want you in the picture. The reason she does this is because she can’t build up the nerve to tell you that it is over and that she wants to start over with someone new.

Low Sex Drive

This is probably one of the biggest telltale sign that a woman is unfaithful. Essentially, she won’t be interested in having sex with you anymore. And if you do make love then it will only be when she wants it. Another reason why she will have a lower sex drive is because she doesn’t want to continue and string you along. Chances are good that she’s already engaging in sexual activities with her new partner if she isn’t sleeping with you anymore.

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Secret Schedules

A woman who is being secretive about her schedule is more than likely hiding something. For example, does she hide her whereabouts when you call her? Does she always “go away on businesses”? If she is gone a lot of the time and not telling you where she is going or when she’s coming back then chances are good that she’s seeing someone else. As a general rule of thumb, the less you know about her itinerary the more worried you should be about where she is and who she is spending her time with.

You Become Irrelevant

What is worth than a girlfriend who nags about every little thing? How about a girlfriend or wife who doesn’t even know that you exist? While it may be hard to imagine, it does happen to a lot of guys. Their significant other simply pretends like they are not even there anymore. Keep in mind that this may happen right away or little by little. A woman who is no longer interested in you and becomes interested in another man will automatically start to pretend as though you don’t even exist.


Basically, she will become very cold towards you. She won’t answer your phone calls. She won’t tell you that she loves you. She won’t include you in her life whatsoever. All of a sudden, she’ll invite someone else to the ballet with her. She won’t care how you are feeling or what problems are going on in your relationship. All that she cares about “I” and how she can get closer to her new man. While it may sound harsh, it is the reality of cheating and this sign, along with the others, are clear signs that she may be seeing someone else.

  • Tina A.

    If she is cheating on you, you will probably never be able to prove it unless you hire ‘Cheaters’. Women are way better at hiding their tracks than men are. Best way to tell? She starts spending more and more time with her ‘friend’s, or at ‘her mom’s’, or ‘at work’.

    • Yup, you are right Tina. Thanks for commenting!!!

    • Paula

      Cheaters! I loved that show, thanks for reminding me to tune in again 🙂

  • Leslie S

    The first sign is that suddenly she doesn’t care that you continue to do all the asinine things she used to bitch about. You stop mattering, your opinion stops mattering, your actions and affections stop mattering. She is getting affirmation and fullfullment elsewhere.

    • Leslie, thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

    • Donald

      I think that’s pretty much a sign of being sexually fulfilled, either in the relationship or elsewhere. Usually, if my girl gets on my case about almost irrelevant things, that a sign to me that I’ve got to kick it up a notch in the bedroom.

  • kim johnson


    • I think that it is one of the saddest things out there to be cheated on. You are right Kim.

      Thanks for stopping by!!!

  • rich

    This article sounds pretty much sounds like my Ex-wife. She was all about money. When I was making good money she was happy. When I good severely injured on the job and had to go on disability for 4 years she found someone else. Last I heard she’s working 2 jobs to support him and I’m back to work making good money. What comes about goes around I guess.

    • Rich, thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us!!!

      • Marc Demarco

        He should smash on A friend, or sister…..lol

    • SUPRA luca

      Because obviously it wasn’t about money, but the sex and hotness of the other guy. Of course, why would her still be with him if it was about money, now that she has to support him anyway? Nope, that’s the good sex and great body the other guy’s got… women are sexual and aren’t blind, remember this.
      Probably you got less active when you lost your job, started paying less attention to your appearance and her sexual needs…

  • efpierce

    Wow! Those are some serious signs and now I am beginning to get concerned about my own relationship! I don’t think any of us ever really think about those signs until it is put into perspective the way you did for us.

    • Mr. efpierce, I totally agree with you!!! You never know for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Vince

      Jealousy is an evil beast and must be conquered… don’t be a hypochondriac, it’s a disease that can’t be cured! If you start reading to the relationship all sorts of things that don’t exist, she’ll see your suspicion and be driven away. Or at least that’s how it works with guys… or with me anyway.

  • I knew my husband was unfaithful when he suddenly didn’t care that we weren’t having sex. The reason we stopped was because I had cancer for god sake, I was getting treatments. Then, one day he said it’s ok honey, I can do without it until you get better. At first I thought, wow, what a wonderful man, then next thing you know, he was working later, then going out more to meet his ‘friends’, couldn’t be reached on his cell phone, ever! I am still in this relationship feeling like I should somehow allow this because I can’t deliver.

    • Jennifer, I am sorry this happened to you!!!

    • Greg

      Are you both still committed to the relationship in every other way? If so, it’s actually quite generous of the man to see that his needs are met without hassling you. Contrary to what many people think, sex is just sex, and sex with someone we actually love is better. But needs are needs, and infidelity is a compromise!

      • SUPRA luca

        She is sad about it, Greg… and if anyting, it’s about her “generosity”, not his.

        I just don’t orient anyone to give what the other part would never give back.

        • Marc Demarco

          GET EVEN!

    • John

      I would never do that to someone I love

  • Chris Romans

    You make a lot of good points in this article. While, like you said, these are not necessarily cold hard facts pointing to someone being unfaithful (after all, a lot of these things could be a sign of something like depression too!), they will definitely be present if a girl (or guy!) does something wrong. I would become especially suspicious if a “mysterious friend” started creeping up paired with a lot of these warning signs. With our ever present computers and iPhones, it’s also increasingly difficult to cover the tracks, so if you are concerned that you are being cheated on, a little snooping will probably go a long way. Of course, with that snooping comes the birth of some major distrust in your partner, so I’d only suggest it if you are really concerned.

  • sandile

    You know I actually saw these signs, but I didn’t want to believe that she would do this to me. The way I juxt became irrelevent to her shocked me beyond words. I even started to kind of fear her in way. Because it was just so easy for her turn on me like that! We would talk for hours on the phone, then one night she tells me “I don’t like talking on the phone much these days” I asked why that is then she answered “Because I have nothing much to say to you” and then we’d argue and argue until she just kept quite and told me to leave her alone. It was just impossible to believe what was happening. Monday night she dumped via Text Message! Who does that???? Text message? Wow…I have never felt as small as Monday night! The pain, the regret, the mental anguish I’m feeling is annoying and just so aggrivating! I should have seen it coming! But even God Himself saw that I tried I did my part but she left me like I was nothing to her, like I never “EXISTED”.

  • Alvin

    Good points. When a person used to open up to you and know tries to hide things, they are up to something and usually they don’t want you to find out. I notice behavior changes in a girl and that is what it lead to she was cheating. I am glad I was able to catch on quickly to what was happening with her but if I had this post to read, I would have picked up on it much sooner.

  • Adam78

    A few months ago I noticed a change in my girlfriends actions. She was distant, didn’t seem to be interested in me and would always change the subject when I asked what was wrong. She was still dating me, and I didn’t understand what was going on. I thought she was hurt or there was something seriously going on.

    I finally found out the hard way, I decided to see her early one day, it was close to our second anniversary. I went around her place and I heard some noise, I usually just walk in, but I decided to knock anyways, she didn’t answer. I let myself in and that’s when I found her on top some other guy. Was one of the worst days of my life.

    The least someone can do, a guy or a woman, can at least break it off before they cheat, or break up when they cheat. What was she thinking? Like “oh hey, I’ll have sex with this guy and try to make it work with my current boyfriend.” That’s much of why I hate people in general. And no, it’s not just women that do this, guys cheat all the time. I was faithful to her, because I was seriously in love with this girl. I decided to end it, went home, grabbed her shit and brought it back to her place and that was it.

    I never announced a breakup, I never talked to her again either, deleted her as a contact on my phone, de-friend her on facebook and moved on. It was really hard to do, but my brother went through a similar incident and it made him crazy, I couldn’t fall down that route either.

  • ITSaME

    Nice post dude. I have not been cheated on yet, thankfully. All of the relationships ended in breakup that was due to just not liking each other. I’m thankful I never had to deal with a serious breakup.

    You posted many great tips, but in this day and age, I think most people can tell when someone is being distant and weird.A friend of mine knew right away when his girlfriend cheated on him. He told her flat out, that “I think you’re cheating on me, tell me the truth, and we’ll go from there.” She finally announced that she slept with another man, but he took her back.

    I have not been cheated on at least not that I’ve known of. I could have dated some girls who cheated on me and were pros at keeping it a secret, who knows for sure.

  • Stacey F.

    I know how many of these guys feel. I was cheated on last year. I really thought I was in love and that he was the “one”, but I later found out from a friend that he had sex with one of my good friends, I talked to both, my boyfriend denied it, but my friend denied it at first, but I could tell she was holding the truth in. She finally came clean and I broke up with my boyfriend.

  • Larry

    You know, there was this girl I dated. I thought I was in love, but I was just really into her, she was sexy as all can be and she liked pretty much the same things I did. We dated for about 3 years, which is long for me, the longest before that was only 8 months.

    We moved in together at a new apartment complex and I thought everything was going good. She started to get more comfortable with me, we could walk around the place completely naked, or with crap clothes on. I started to notice a change though. While we were in the apartment, she would get dolled up, dress nice and leave at odd hours. “I’m going out to see some friends, see you later”. I didn’t think much of it at first, but she started to do it often. Found out later that she met some guy on a dating site and starting having sex with him.

    Not cool!

  • Brock

    All great tips, and I agree with them all. This can be used for men too in some ways. I, thankfully have not been cheated on, and I hope I never will be cheated on. I like to keep things fresh with my girlfriend and I feel she’s happy with me. I’m sorry to all those who have been cheated on, I couldn’t imagine how painful it would be to fall in love with someone only for it to be torn away from you.

    Keep in mind, we’re all human, we act on instinct, I just hope we go with the right instinct.

  • distraut daughter

    My mum’s been cheating on my dad for years and the poor guy is only with her for their children. She has this male friend who no one likes, even my dads family. She hides her phone and texts. Goes into the bathroom to talk to him. Gets defensive everytime his name is brought up in a bad way. Works with him at some factory then spends after work talking to him on the phone. Is trying to change my little sister to exactly how his daughter acts. Goes out of town one weekend a month for some conference with him. Goes out once or twice a month to watch movies with her work mates and dresses up the way she never does with us. Every time I tell her to do something with dad aswell, she comes up with excuses. Takes lunch for him everyday. She even tried to committ sucide once when I tried confronting her. Worse part is she also cheated on my dad during the first few years of their marriage with my dads brother. 25 years later she hasn’t learnt and is still cheating on him with another man. For 20 years I’ve been watching my parents relationship go down the drain and can’t do anything about it.

    • Trevor

      Hi, my name is Trevor. I am very much sorry about what happened in your life. I cannot begin to imagine how much of pain you endured in your life. Its so sad that happened to you. It really hurts extremely bad. Im so sorry dear. I have no idea why people have fun with hurting pther people`s feelings. Your dad is a very strong man who loves his entire family to the last bit of his heart. I was very much hurt when I read your story. My sincere apologies.

  • Ziggy

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but women are simply better liars than men. They do cheat, they just don’t show it as easily.

  • Seriously Telling The Truth

    Since most of the women out there nowadays are such Losers to begin with, that really doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • Danyale Lee

    Ok. I know women cheat. What does a woman do when she isn’t cheating, but her boyfriend is convinced that she is? He even goes as far as to record her with a tape recorder that is hidden in different places. What can she do and how can she show him she is true to him and loves only him?

    • SUPRA luca

      If he records her and is that insulting, almost abusive, she needs to run away from this creep.

  • Very True

    It is very sad that men and women Cheat on each other today, but it is certainly the women that Cheat much more.

  • Trevor

    true information

  • sharon rai

    Me n my 2 frndz r besties 4 years bt 1 of my besti’s gf is cheating on him…n d worst thing is his gf is cheating wit his bf’s besti….so I want to tel evrything to him…bt im afraid tht he wil think it wrongly..so how can I prv to my frnd tht his gf is cheating on him ???????

  • Jim

    Literally all of these. and now she’s gone. I’ll never know what happened because I DON’T EXIST!!

  • anomyms


  • staceys jim…

    see my bitch was too scared for me to walk into her fuckin and to get caught…cuz Imma crazy mofo.. both of those fuckers would get buried together. i dont even play. but i knew she was a hoe. even tho she lied all the time i knew. but some sluts are that by nature.

    if a girl is a hoe it jus means her dad was a pussy;or didn’t give a fuck about her or left her to the wolves growin up or he was the one molesting her…thats bullshit dads.. or her mom was a slut. U are examples for your ch ildren.

    If your daughter is a slut …u can probably tell the pedigree of her family. it’s more likely she came from trash or it’s more likely she came from shit. If you have good parents that are morally doing their job as parents to do good and raise their kids directly you children would have some morals to not do such fuckd up lives..no filter…they have no guidance therefore they act out;

  • staceys jim…

    If you really care about your children that means you would do the best for them that means you would give them the best that you can do for them no matter what. If theres a family member or uncle or cousin or people off the street abusing yo kid.
    That shit will not have a chance to f*** your children over. You also have to teach your children that is not p so this way if it happens they’ll feel OK to come and explain to you and talk to you

  • staceys jim…

    see my bitch was too scared to get caught…cuz Imma crazy mofo.. both of those fuckers would get buried together. i dont even play. but i knew she was a hoe. even tho she lied all the time i knew. but some sluts are that by nature. if a girl is a hoe it jus means her dad was a piece of s* ** it allowed you to be prey for another mother f***** to hurt you. Or your mom was a slit. And or one of your parents was the one that was molesting you. You can typically tell a child’s pedigree of You would also have the proper etiquette to teach them to talk about whether someone has violated them o tell you if someone has hurt them or touch thembject to being prey. You would also have the proper etiquette to teach them but its okay for them to tell you if someone has hurt them or

  • staceys jim…

    If a child has the proper upbringing and the parents take time to look after them and care for them properly usually the children are good products of their parents are but if you have children that are screwed the hell up in the head typically their parents neglected them… Children will look to their parents for proper direction. If there’s none in the home they will look to the streets where they will be exposed to traumatic lifestyles which influences their behavior. the Appl apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • allessior

    Women have affairs for the same reason men do; they are HORNEY! Let’s face it, the same male day after day after day? Sorry guys, that’s what it’s all about…horniness.

    • Joe

      No sir, they have affairs because they are as dishonest and unfaithful as men. In other words they can’t complain when their relationships never last, and they never do.

  • dj fox

    Ive been with the love of my life for 2 years we were going through some serious problems but things were finally turning around. We were fine at this point. Then she went to her friends graduation which was one of my best friends younger cousins.

    And they all stayed at their house. And then when she got back home she was real pissy towards me screaming saying were over. I asked wtf was going on and she said she had “talked” to someone that reminded her she didnt need me.

    And after that she started texting my friend which she was friends with too but hadnt talked in almost a year. Then she started going to hang out with him. When I started getting curious she started getting pissed and being more secrative. To the extent that she ditched me (we lived and still live together by the way) on my birthday to go hang out with a friend I had saw on her phone it was joey and when I dropped her off at the mall I confronted her about it and she got mad and said no I told him wed hang out tomorrow.

    I left went home she forgot about the find my iphone app and sure enough she was at joeys and I told her how messed up it was but yet she was mad and I had no right to be because she ditched me on my birthday to go fuck my best friend now I didnt have any solid proof but Im not fucking stupid. So I started watching when shed unlock her phone and I figured out the password and when she went to sleep I found all the proof id ever need.

    1. I found pictures of her out on the lake with him on his bros boat laid out on their boat like a skimpy ass model holding on to him.

    2.i found a message from her gf that she went to graduation for saying”find me a guy because im not coming alone and have to listen to you guys fuck” she didnt even deny it she laughed. And on my birthday I found messages between them saying I loveyyou I miss you cant wait to see you why dont you come on to bed and cuddle and the one that really got me was one she sent where it was right there she said “hey lets go split a cigarette and have sex afterwards :)”

    I wanted to throw the phone at her face right then and there so the next day I brought it right out I asked why you do it. Of coursee she plays dumb asking what. I said you know what dhe says no what and then I asked whh have you been fucking my friend she got extremely mad and said how dare you accuse me of that and I started quoting the text I had read.

    And she sat there with a puzzeled look and said I have nothing to hide I asked for her phone she says no and gets more pissed I kept bothering her about and eventually she says it was a set up I wanted to get back at you for hurting me and I knew youd go through my phone and I planned it with joey. Now for the finale. Ive noticed shes been staying shaved and started wearing thongs she always complained about and doesn’t leave without her make up im not fucking stupid I know what that is. So I asked her so you and him were the only ones in on it the whole time.

    And she tripped herself up she said yeah. Cause if they were how would her gf had known about it and be talking to her about them fucking. I wish she would just come out with It and s say it I dont want to have to get even more concrete ptoof but yeah thats my story of a sluty cheating succubus whore

    • Joe

      Dude, from reading your post it seems your hurt, and you have every right to. The best advice I can give you to get other your no good girlfriend is to dump her, and hit the gym to forget about her, and blow some steam. Trust me, after some time, you’re going to look better, have more confidence, and find a better girl. Now is the moment to focus on you, not her. From what you wrote, she’s no good brother, and she never will be…

  • dj fox

    Shes actually there right now probably fucking him and is coming home today and lay in the bed and complain about how she feels so bad and is hurting and sick and try to get people to do everything for her and the next time she can leave she’ll be magically cured….

  • Archbomb

    Decent article but your spelling and grammatical errors make this article appear amateur at best. Please don’t depend on automated spell and grammar check in the future. They are probably why you are an independent publisher in the first place.

    • khorne95

      you knew what he meant so whats the difference

  • Samantha

    Women tend to cheat for the same reasons men do: they feel unfulfilled, they want the sex, and they made a really bad decision and so on. I find it awful when women get more backlashes for their cheating compared to men. I honestly don’t think men are more entitled to cheat; as long as you’re in a relationship you should stay faithful, otherwise just end it.

  • Gavin

    If you’re in a long term relationship and you cheated on your loved one, make the courage to tell her/him so. It’s heartbreaking to find this after a while because it’s just proof that you can be lied in your face and it makes it even harder to trust her/him.

  • Brayden

    I broke up with my girlfriend after finding out she had several flings with some guys in our friends circle. She went all defensive and started finding worthless excuses but I just can’t stand to be the laughing stock of everyone and to be seen as an utter idiot. She hooked up with one of the guys and cheating on him as well…

  • Tyler

    If she’s very protective with her phone, if she starts making calls when you’re showering and hangs up when you enter the room, if she goes out without you more often, chances are she’s cheating. If she goes to big lengths to hide from you then she doesn’t deserve a second chance as she really doesn’t care about you.

  • Luke

    The moment things started getting serious between me and my boyfriend – soon to be husband – we decided that whenever we feel our relationship is in a rut or our feelings towards each other changed, we should talk. This is the key to our happy relationship because we try to talk about our feelings and make sure not a single conflict passes unresolved or with us sleeping in separate rooms.

  • Adrian1988

    She told me that she had a threesome with a girl and a guy but she said she was real drunk and she woke up saying were am I and looks and sees the people and says omg and she didn’t like it

  • Joe

    I am going through a weird situation with my girl. We’ve been together for a few months and i’ve noticed several things. 1. She’s been leaving her phone at home lately the last 3 times we’ve gone out. 2. She mistakenly called me her ex’s name a few days ago and tried to explain why his name came up in the first place. 3. Last night she received 2 calls around 1030-11 from some guy. She didn’t pick up because her “gay” guy friend was trying to get her to go clubbing with him 4. Finally, she’s been extra lovable and caring ever since she called me her ex’s name.. am i acting the right way given the evidence i have? idk what to do. Any suggestions?

  • roscoe

    So the. Other day she text me. And said they were going to her cousin house she wanted to see the kids that was around 700 I text never received anything. Back so what u think