10 Qualities Of The Perfect Girlfriend

Perfect GirlfriendAs young men we often make a lot of mistakes when choosing girlfriends. We either pick girls who are high maintenance and require babysitting to girls that do not make our hearts beat. We settle for second best and we feel miserable and unloved.

As we grow older, we become more picky and demanding. We understand what makes a great girlfriend and we evaluate her across our ideals. It’s a good thing we do that as it sorts the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

These days, if you have learned your lessons well, being single and older has its benefits.

Make That Decision

However if you are still a young man, consider yourself lucky you are reading this article. It will help you make the right decisions right at the beginning of your life instead of middle age and it will help you get the woman of your dreams.

If you are in the dating scene and need to decide which girl to go after, you are in the right place. I’m going to discuss what qualities the perfect girlfriend should possess. It is quite a list, and I am sure you are going to just love it. It is going to help you attract the right sort of girl into your life.

Be prepared.

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Qualities That Rock

Top of the list of qualities a girl should possess is Independence. There is no point dating a woman that constantly hounds you for either attention or money. Before long you will feel exhausted from nursing her emotional wounds or suffocated from her endless need for assurance. The perfect girl will have her own opinions and be extremely independent. She will have little emotional baggage and she will always be reliant upon herself.

She will be strong, emotionally and be able to work out her own feelings and make her own decisions. She will not need her hand to be held on everything she encounters and will not need to be passed a tissue whenever she cries.

This woman would be able to support herself financially and pay for her own bills. Although it would be nice to share some things and responsibilities, this should not be expected but as part of a partnership, you both contribute. But at the end of the day, she would be able to live her life quite well with or without you.

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Second on the list is Intelligence. Not surprisingly, so many men have chosen Bimbos for their spouse. It gets infuriating when they look at you with their glazed, dull eyes and ask you what you mean by that. It is a routine that gets very boring after a while. Sure they may be hot in bed, but the absence of a minuscule of intelligence is really off-putting and can lead you to spouts of boredom and frustration. Instead, pick a girl that shows she possesses a lot of intelligence and maturity.

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You will literally spend hours and hours talking and discussing things. Spending time with her would always be a pleasure. You could also rely on her intelligence for sorting things out what happen to her and you, your family, your friends or your work.

You can be surprised and delighted by her intelligence. You can be attracted to her intelligence. If you want to be constantly in awe of someone and you desire a woman with a certain pedigree then pick a woman with some sort of intelligence. You cannot go wrong. You can only go on to live a fulfilling life with an exciting woman.

Third is she has to be sexually compatible. There is going to be a lot of embarrassing and highly explosive dramas if you are not compatible in bed. If she wants to wear sexy lingerie and her ideal night is a little candlelit room, with a spot of wine and romantic music and your version is a quick slap and tickle with a whip and a pair of high heeled shoes, you are going to be disappointed. You will need to find out, in a gentle but direct way, what her primary desires are. In fact, if you are compatible on every level except sex you really could ruin your whole relationship.

Enchant Him With Sex

Sex is a driving force that is so strong it dictates who we partner up with. If you do not match, you have no way of maintaining a relationship. It is one of the most talked about and most complex of issues. Do not underestimate the power of sex. However, if you find your woman is mutable and you do have some sort of kinky tastes, chances are she will perform for you just the way you desire. Remember people can change, so do not be afraid to speak your desires. Fantasies are great and should be encouraged. If you have an open relationship in the sense that you can talk to each other openly, then you have much higher chance of being compatible even when your ideals do not match. Sexual compatibility starts with honest communication.

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Because She Has To Be Pretty

Fourth on the list is she has to be beautiful. I am not talking she has to be beautiful on many men’s score. I am on about just your own personal view of beauty. If you manage to pick up a hot looking woman that most men would want, then bully for you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you like her curvaceous bum and her wondrous curves then good for you. She is beautiful to you. Also being beautiful must mean that the woman presents herself really well and takes pride in her appearance. She will dress not only for you but herself and her own dignity.

Fifth quality to possess is that she must respect you. This is really important. She must never cause a scene in front of other people. Instead she must speak to you about personal matters in private. Part of respecting you is to leave you alone when it comes to what matters to you most. You need her to be diplomatic if she disagreed with you. This means although you can have a difference of opinion, you agree to disagree. Respect is earned not demanded. If you treat her well and honor her she will return the favor. If she respects you she will not belittle your dreams or ideas. Instead she will be encouraging and offer you her support. Remember this works both ways so do offer her the same. This means your relationship will be more rewarding.

Sixth is that she lets you be the man. What do I mean about that? I mean she lets you hang out with your buddies. You do not want a girlfriend who tells you to eat lettuce sandwiches while rubbing her toes at night. You need a woman that understands that sometimes you just want to hang with your mates and play poker. If she was a great girl she would go out and buy you some beers. The thing to think about is you wouldn’t dream of telling her to stay home and not shop with her chicks. In the same instance she should not stop you hanging out with your buddies. It works both ways.

Seventh on the list is she must never nag you. This is a hard one. Most women nag quite naturally. You must get her out of this habit quick. Always make sure you do your fair share of the housework. I know it’s boring but if you do she will have little to nag you about. In fact if you split your duties into two lists one for her and one for you. Then all you have to do is stick to it. That way when she lets her mouth slip a little she has no defense. Some men do not contribute and that is half the problem. If you do your fair share she has nothing to nag you about.

Compatible With Family And Friends

Eighth is that she must get on with your family and friends. This is vital if you are to share a happy life together. Too many conflicts can make a relationship sour. So if she is the type of woman to go all out and befriend your family and friends remember she is a keeper. You’re not just dating your girl. Your whole family and friends are too. It is important that they all gel well together.

Ninth on the list is that she makes you a better man. Funny I should say this but some women just know how to make a man feel special and wanted even when they do not say anything. That man then goes onto becoming a better man. It is the universal act of love, the law of attraction, you become what you think.

The last is that SHE LOVES YOU. She does not need you to pretend to be something you are not. She loves you for you and that’s the very best thing to ever have.

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  • TOD

    I agree with this list but I would have to change somethings. I am a person who comes from a family that is close. And although we are not super close, my family is number one. If my family didn’t like a girl or if she didn’t like my family, it would not last long. I don’t live right under my family but I feel it is a clear sign she is a no go for me.

    I agree the woman has to be attractive to you but honestly the beauty is in the eye of the beholder thing is just not true. Either your beautiful or your not. You can be attractive and not beautiful but if your beautiful your beautiful and it doesn’t make a difference who is looking at you.

    • Trisha

      Sometimes parents see things you don’t. I remember bringing my boyfriend home to my parents, and my father took him aside for the dreaded “talk”. Afterwards, my father was very nice, but he did note that I was going to have to get comfortable being in the position of power in my relationship if I wanted to get anything positive out of my future. Now, at the time I was dating a very ambitious and hardworking man, so I didn’t understand… until a few years down the road when that same “hardworking and ambitious” man realized that he was with a harder working woman, claimed to be emasculated by the amount of money I made, and pretty much retired to the couch with his hand in my pants only to reach my wallet.

      I wish my dad had just delivered his advice in the harsh, hard hitting way that he usually does, which made me request that he tone it down a bit for my boyfriend’s introduction.

    • Sarah_Howell

      “I agree the woman has to be attractive to you but honestly the beauty is in the eye of the beholder thing is just not true.”

      It is true. Some men don’t see the beauty in woman of other ethnicities. Then there are men who, for various reasons, place less importance on a woman’s looks/appearance than other men. There are many other situations that disprove your baseless statement but I think you get my point.

  • Jake

    Definitely don’t settle. It will come back to bite you in the end, when you realize after spending several years of your youth with a girl who you eventually have to accept you could never be happy with. Really, the world is big and there’s someone out there for everyone. You’ll know her when you see her.

  • William

    To me, who we are with the person we love is very important! It’s wonderful to love someone, but I have to remember that my life is ultimately for me. If I don’t feel that I’m better off for being with someone than not, and vice versa, then there’s no point in continuing a relationship. There’s plenty of amazing people in this world, but the one I want to be married to is the one that makes me the best man I can be, and hopefully I can do some good for her as well.

  • Lawton

    A lot can be said by how your girlfriend gets along with your friends. It could just be an incompatibility issue like the article says, and that’s one thing. It could also be a jealousy or control thing, and that’s not cool!